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Florida Closing Cost Estimator

Closing Cost Estimator

Total Closing Costs:


Loan Amount:

$100,000 $650,000

Estimated Lender Fees: $4,557

Estimated Property Related Fees: $725

Estimated Title Fees: $2,667

Estimated State/County Tax Fees: $2,030

Total Closing Costs: $9,979

Settlement fees that a borrower would pay regardless of the transaction, such as pre-paid interest, homeowners insurance, mortgage insurance, and property taxes.

Lender Fees and Closing Costs

While utilizing the closing cost estimator, it’s essential to understand that the dollar amounts presented are estimations and are not guaranteed; therefore, the actual dollar amounts may vary. Certain fees are determined by a Title Company. The estimates provided are solely for illustrative and educational purposes.

You have the option to pay points to reduce the interest rate throughout the duration of your loan. Points effectively decrease your interest rate in exchange for higher closing costs. Each point corresponds to 1% of the loan amount. Opting to pay a portion or the full amount of a discount point will result in a lowered interest rate; the extent of the interest rate reduction depends on the prevailing market conditions.

Your actual rate, payment, and cost could be different based on your situation. Get an official Mortgage Quote before choosing a loan program and interest rate. The graph above is provided for comparative and illustrative purposes only and is an estimate based on the basic loan scenarios from our mortgage assumptions.

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